Delayed report (2020), Russia.

Via: BiteBack Magazine

“Roads spiked, poacher nets destroyed, fish liberated. ALF/ELF Russia 2020. It took us some time to get from the wild mountains and tranquil bays of Southern Crimea, but here is our belated report on ALF/ELF action in the former Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russian fascist state in 2014. In the past year our group managed to spike forest roads in and around 8 areas of forest logging (‘legal’ and ‘illegal’, it doesn’t matter to us, the eco-anarchists) in central and southern peninsula.

On one occasion we stealthily crawled right under the nose of loggers to cut the tires of their vehicles in broad daylight. This intense anti-logging activity led to locals (most of whom benefit from indiscriminately cutting all the trees in their habitat) to start monitoring every outsider in their area, but we slipped past their patrols unnoticed.

We also took great pleasure in sabotaging poacher fishermen of the peninsula. Throughout the year we removed more than 500 meters of fishing nets of every size and design imaginable. We are happy to report more than 30 marine lives saved. Again, our activity led to certain countermeasures on poachers’ side. On one occasion they almost caught us in an ambush, but we avoided it altogether. On another, our team barely managed to get out of the water and dash for the safety of forested mountains nearby, when boats with poachers homed in on our site of operations.

Yours in the dusky nights of southern seas, Seal Team 5,


PHOTO: unrelated image from ALF archives.

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