25th December, Argentina.

received anonymously (translation):

“Liberation of chickens in Argentina. A night out for normal people (Christmas) in which they celebrate with murdered animals on their plates, I, abnormal, anonymous, took advantage of the alienation of those celebrations to join in the celebration by entering a center of kidnapped chickens used as slaves to produce eggs, and be consumed by horrible people who make those places exist. I celebrated by entering, laughing in the face of fear, mocking its construction, and the norms of inaction, and I took several slaves, who are now no longer slaves, now they are alive. They are not, nor will they be used for a human purpose, celebrate! because animal liberation is direct and immediate when you want it!”

“Liberacion de gallinas en argentina. Una noche de fiesta para la
gente normal(navidad) en la que celebran con animalxs asesinades en sus platos, yo une anormal anonime aprovecho su alienacion con esas celebraciones y tambien festejo!, entrando en un centro de secuestro de gallinas usadas como esclavas para que produzcan huevos, y sean consumidos por gente horrible que hace que existan esos lugares. festejo!entrando, burlando el miedo, burlando sus construcciones, y burlando la norma de la inaccion y me llevo varias esclavas,
que ahora dejaron de serlo, ahora son vidas, que no son, ni seran usadas por un proposito humane, festejo! porque la liberacion animal es directa e inmediata cuando se quiere!”

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