In this video from the very early 1990s we see a news clip on the attacks on butcher shops in Oxford (UK) as well as a discussion in studio with Robin Webb representing the RSPCA and John Curtin (former ALF activist). Interestingly enough, Robin Webb would become the ALF spokesperson after dropping his role in the RSPCA. Whilst there is no question that the RSPCA and the ALF would not see eye to eye run many things (even tho the RSPCA did assist in corroborating laboratory footage by the ALF and used in in their campaigns), looking at the chronology of this video in the broader UK animal liberation movement historical timer it would bring the question of how much that discussion was a way of appealing as many different folks as possible by presenting both arguments “opposing” each other.

As always, the talk carries on to bring up how consumers simply will change their butcher shop for a big supermarket counter, and that those animals suffer more, and that the best way of winning the British public is through education, law changing and advocacy.

The conversation is old and the arguments are the same, but this small news clip shows how maybe that diversity of tactics can be used even if it appears to be “against” each other, in order to further the struggle.

Some of the butcher shop attack reports can be read in multiple magazines archived in

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