December, Czech Republic


“One of the most important moments of my life was when I saw little piglets playing in a meadow. They ran and jumped and there was so much joy and carefree childhood in them that I just stood there smiling.

At that time I knew small village barns and grunting pigs imprisoned there, I knew those cheerful slaughter gatherings to which the whole family came for plum brandy and death. I also knew big pig farms with coughing pigs, breeding halls with sows in gestation crates and dead piglets strewn with flies. I’ve also heard pigs crying and screaming at the slaughterhouse.

And now I stand here with other people on a clear cold night in front of the fence. Behind it there are many buildings that produce pork. We go inside, we take one piglet, second, third, wrap them in towels and leave. At least for these three we have a better world.”

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