22nd April, Brighton UK

Via: Underground Badger Syndicate


We read the news that some folks were charged with aggravated trespass for sabbing a shoot in Pangdean Farm near Brighton. Because we hate the hunting scum, the cop scum, the judge scum, the justice system scum and basically anyone who puts profit over everything else, we decided that Pangdean Farm deserved a little visit.

Straight to the pheasant pens and in we go with a shooting tower, a Larsen, two Fenn Traps and a fox trap – with a fucking starved to death fox inside. We decided to keep their dignity intact and not photograph them.

After destroying all the traps we could find, we let the pheasant pen fall by breaking the corner posts and kicking the fencing down. Some holes in the mesh will ensure they need to reinstall the whole lot if they want to use it again.

Let this be a warning. We might not know the comrades who were charged, but we stand alongside them because they too fight against the hunt scum. If they go down for doing what’s right, this shoot will have to be visited again, and again, as many times as it is necessary.

Shoots are the vilest of the vile, breeding millions of animals into existence and killing any others that get in their way, purely for profit and greed. Get active to fuck them up.

For the wild!

Solidarity #AHAB #HuntScumKillForFun”

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