March, Czech Republic

Via: Michal Koleshar

“There are two rescue actions in this report. We took 7 hens in the first action and 17 hens in the second action to safety. These 24 birds live with kind people and are no longer just a commodity.
The egg industry is creative and adaptable to recieve the best profits. Well, what are other animals, plants, rocks, water, air and actually the whole world for, right? A life that doesn’t turn into profit is not worth living, is it? That is the meaning of everything as far as one can reach, right?

If you eat eggs, you have a choice. Depending on your conscience and wallet. Most people and organizations talk about how ugly cages are and demand to end them in various ways. But at the same time most of them remain silent about chicken mutilation in aviary and other systems for their strategic reasons.

To those people I dedicate, with my close friends from the rescue team, this photograph of the hen from cage free system. She lived and died in a windowless hall with a concrete floor. No cages, just wire partitions. Air from the fan, fluorescent lights, dust, stink, screaming, fighting. Welcome to the mad house. The next time you will make some kind of petition action, talking about open eyes, blabbing about compassion while remaining silent about the hens that are not in cages, please, remember this picture. It also speaks about you.”

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