March, Derbyshire UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“After extensive planning using satellite imagery, we had located some barns typical of egg farms in Derbyshire, UK. For this location, we had to park on a country road and cross many fields by foot.
After reaching the target, we figured out the best point of entry, and 2 climbed in whilst one stayed outside as lookout.

As two of us jumped through the hatch, inside the shed our breath was taken away by the overwhelming stench of ammonia. We were shocked at the poor state of those birds… we’d never seen such pitiful looking chickens – they were naked and thin. One of us scooped up the birds quickly whilst the other arranged them comfortably in the carriers. When the carriers were full my mate called ‘that’s it’… ‘one more!’ I replied, unable to bring myself to leave them, I grabbed the saddest looking chicken and we left with 32.”

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