It is on everybody’s minds. COVID-19 is shutting down borders, wrecking havoc within vulnerable people and leaving the whole world in a state of government surveillance, lockdown and fear. And it is serious; those who struggle with other medical conditions are at serious risk. The working class, without a job and or help, are going to struggle. The governments will use the new crisis to enforce more freedom-limiting laws.


So what should we do with an event scheduled for the end of May? An event that is envisioned to gather people from around the world, to mingle with one another, to learn and teach and create connections to unify the animal liberation movement and to make history change? We don’t know.


The reality is that it is highly unlikely the situation will change by the end of May. Europe’s numbers of infected and in critical care are only now starting to increase, they have not peaked and they will take a while to do so. But we do not want to give up yet the little hope we have for normality in a couple of months time.


So for now, we do not want to cancel the event because we believe, if things improve and if carrying on would not put anyone at risk, that people will benefit from normality. That it would be refreshing for folks to enjoy something like LoD. And that the animal and human exploiting machinery doesn’t stand still, not even in these times.


But we are also being realistic and we are aware that governments reopening borders does not mean that we should travel. So for now, we have not called off the event, but we might do so in the upcoming weeks if we don’t see any other solution.


We would like to hear from you, what do you believe is best?

For now, we believe it is important for people to focus their energy on showing mutual aid in their communities. If you are healthy, fit and young, please provide aid for those who are vulnerable. Organise working groups in your street or your neighbourhood so those who are more vulnerable don’t need to go out for shopping or medicines or to walk the doggo. Please, show up for one another, create those community links and see them growing into strong relationships that we can all use to topple this fucking capitalist system.


We will bring you more news once decisions have been made. 

See you in the next riot.


LoD team.

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