When we see people wearing their “Support the ALF” hoodies, we really hope they mean it. This is one of those cases.

Someone in Germany was just sentenced to a fine of 2250 EUR in relation to 13 accounts of criminal damage against shooting towers. 

Last year, a wildlife camera took a photo of someone holding a saw next to a tower. When the hunters found 13 hunting towers destroyed in the area, they gave the footage to the police and offered a bounty of 2500 EUR to anyone who would identify the person.

Some scumbag snitch came forward and told the police the identity of the person. A year later and after facing trial, they have been fined 2250 EUR by the German court system.

So this is where you join in this week’s SOLIDARITY SATURDAY. We need to raise those funds and we need to make sure this person feels loved and supported. Please donate 1 euro, or 2, or 50 if you can afford it. Ensure that you share the link with all your friends and local activists. Email big activist groups and platforms like Earth First! Or The Save Movement and ask for their solidarity in sharing this fundraiser. It is everybody’s job, INCLUDING YOURS, to ensure that we all chip in and help this human in need.

At the end of the day, a post about hunting towers destroyed would’ve been praised and hero worshipped hundreds of times. It is now the time to put your solidarity forward and not just your words. 

The link to the fundraiser is here:

Start donating, and sharing and ensuring this person feels loved. Leave a nice message with your donation on the fundraising page.

For the Wild! 

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