This is a merch post. This post wants you to grab yourself some merch so we fundraise cash before half of our patrons cancel their sponsorship because of the holidays. If you want to give a nice present to someone or if you want to represent with our banging designs, you’re in the right place!

Merch has been fully stocked again. That means all sizes, all designs. And that includes our historical bandanas!

Folks have been asking for bandanas since the first time we printed them. Because they are handprinted it is difficult for us to find the time and the space to do so, but there are 15 ready in the website for you to grab! 

We’ve also added a short sleeve t-shirt with the For The Wild design on it. We didn’t have it, now we have it, go grab it and show off!

All orders over £50 will include a sticker pack and, until we run out, an ALFsg Magazine.

Check all our designs and grab yourself some stuff on the link below:

If you’re getting merch as a present during the holidays, we would not recommend you leaving it for later on. We’ve started a new method to package and send the orders that will be tending to the shop ONCE a week, so the sooner you order stuff the more chances to get it on time.

For anyone that has experienced any trouble with their orders up until now, orders that have never arrived and whatnot, please email unoffensiveshop(at)

Remember that we have a raffle going on with a banging little price. 70 tickets have been issued and our goal is 200. There are twelve days to go. Get yourself some raffle tickets here:

So go grab yourself some peng merch and a nice bandana, get some free stickers in the process and help us carry on doing our work.



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