September, Aegean Turkey.

received anonymously via email:


In Turkey, Aydin Hunter Association (Aegean Region) was attacked by ALF. The locks of the association were glued, slogans were painted to the doors. The signboards were destroyed.

Hunting is murder!

Until all are free.

The action was dedicated to the vegan prisoner Marius Mason.



Aydin’daki avcilik dernegine ALF tarafindan saldiri duzenlendi. Dernegin kapisi yapistirici ile kullanilamaz hale getirildi, dernegin tabelalari parcalandi, kapilara yazilamalar yapildi.

Av, cinayettir!

Tum hayvanlar ozgur olana kadar!

Eylem, vegan tutsak Marius Mason’e adandi.”

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