We recently joined the animal liberation gathering in Rome for a weekend of workshops and building connections with radical liberatory anti-speciesists.
In our introduction to hunt sabotage workshop, we shared our various techniques for stopping different types of hunting in different countries. We had a lot of fun discussing the smashing of hunting towers, sheds and traps, and drew upon the similarities in the uk badger cull and Italian nutria cull. We also discussed the links between weapons manufacturers producing arms for both hunters and warfare.

In our workshop on security culture, we shared ideas about keeping safe, especially given the severe repression many comrades are facing and the extreme measures utilised by the state for surveillance.

There was a strong emphasis throughout the gathering on the importance of solidarity and support of comrades in prison or awaiting trial. There are currently over 30 anarchist prisoners in Italy, some of whom have sentences of 20 years, and other cases of “preventative arrest” where comrades have been caged for 2 years before being released without charge. This situation is similar to that of Matthias in Switzerland, who’s 8 months in prison has now been extended for at least another 2.

Joining together with comrades from around the world made us ever more aware of how interconnected our struggles are, and the multi-national operations of corporate animal abusers. For example, the company building Europe’s largest pig slaughterhouse in Binefar, Spain, is an Italian company with offices and operations within Italy.

Another major topic discussed was how to make the animal liberation movement more radical, and move away from how the rise in veganism had shifted discourse from animal liberation to welfarism, health, and individualist consumerist veganism. Also, how we stop the infiltration of fascist groups, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism, and remain intersectional. We must build a strong alternative, and grow a movement for total liberation.

It was wonderful to build those connections and we cannot wait to meet again. It was also a pleasure to share our bit of knowledge with everybody.

If anyone is able to help with travel costs, getting to Italy and back was £300, so PayPal or patreon is always appreciated.




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