6th August, Morschenich, Germany.

received anonymously:

“On the night of 6-7 August we set fire to a shooting tower near the village of Morschenich. Thanks to a simple fuse made from incense and matches, we were already tucked up in our beds by the time the fire took hold, but the flames warmed our hearts as we pictured the murder weapon’s destruction.

This attack is a direct response to the hunters who came to the edge of the Hambach Forest, who made threats and called the cops. You do not intimidate us. Bringing the police to the forest was a big mistake.

You say you “love” the forest – like an abuser who “loves” their victim. You cannot love the forest and destroy the lives inside it. The animals ARE the forest, as much as the trees and the plants are.

Either you take down these towers or we will. We will not stop defending nature, no matter how much you threaten us. The boars and the deer will run free and the forest will stay.

We issue a call to action. To all who believe all animals should be free to live out their lives without fear of hunters, that animals are more than just moving targets for twisted blood junkies. Get out there and destroy all the shooting towers you can find – and any other hunting junk – in any way you see fit.

Feuer auf die Jagdtürme! Feuer auf die Jagd! Feuer auf den Jagdschutz!”

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