18yh July, Tonbridge UK.

Report received anonymously via encrypted email:

“When we received the call to action to smash McDonald’s windows we decided to take action. A comrade is facing trial for a McDonald’s disruption. We cannot be show-watchers of the animal liberation movement any longer. 

We targeted a 24 hours McDonald’s in Tonbridge, Kent, to show we are not fearful and that no deterrent will stop us now that we’ve started. Four windows were hammered to bits before workers realised what was happening. By the time they came to check, we had already left.

We want to call out everybody that shared the call to action but didn’t take part. Our activism isn’t about likes and social media. We should take a stand. We have been there ourselves and this has helped us understand things differently. Now it is your turn.

We are calling for a week of action starting today and culminating Wednesday night, the night before the trial. Smash as many windows as possible and cost McDonald’s as much money as you can. On Wednesday, we want all the smashed (and replaced) windows to be targeted once again. Show your solidarity, not just your words.

In solidarity with our comrade and with everybody else facing police brutality and the weight of the system. We are unbreakable because we will not give up. 


Some anarchists.”

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