11th July, Gelderland, The Netherlands.

Report received anonymously via email:

“After some careful and thorough inspections, the horrific facts that took place on this farm (repeatedly) came to light. No water, very poor hygiene, no daylight, only artificial light and hardly any sleep. (The hours of light are being manipulated) That is why we have taken action and rescued a few ducks from this plight in order to offer them a good life. The first thing that was found was the large pile of corpses that had been thrown right in front of the entrance of the stable.

Once inside the stable (doors were open, however, an alarm system did not work properly), the horror became visible again. Polluted, barely feathered, crowed. The ducks that were most battered were taken.

Once at home they received a beauty treatment. Finally water!
I have never seen a duck so happy and in its element.

Of course they are weakened and tired all day. Totally traumatised and afraid of everything that moves. They must first recover from all the abuse. Fortunately they already getting new feathers again already doing a bit better and waddling through the garden.”

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