Hey folks! We hope you’re keeping well and as radical as ever. We’ve been relaxing, fucking with the huge advertisements in city centres and planing Liberate Or Die (We will release the event info VERY soon!) 

We are really fucking privileged to be able to make this post and we have a few little announcements. The first one is that we’ve managed (barely) to stock up our merch, so there are all sizes, all designs, on hoodies and tees back up on our website. We’ve taken a while to do so as we had no funds to buy more, but we’ve realised as our PayPal grows smaller and smaller that we needed to get more merch if we want to survive as a collective. So in these real fucking tough money times after losing Patreon, if you can support us and want some cool merch, head straight up to our website and grab yourself whatever the fuck you fancy!

Here is where things get interesting; Underground Badger Syndicate is about to release some seriously sick merch and we are super lucky to have received a hoodie to raffle. UBS will not be printing hoodies, only tees, so this XL hoodie will be a one of a kind kinda ting and it is a big thing that they are happy for us to give it away! We also have found four of our DIY Defend patches that we are gonna throw in the mix (they have been out of stock for fucking ages) so FIVE people that order something between today and Sunday night will receive a lil something else in the post with the order! 

To top up that shit, Eat Cops Not Pigs has sent us some amazing stickers so we will be putting them in ALL orders for free to share a bit more of love. 

So yeah, if you’re able to, help us the fuck out, maybe get a lil extra in the post with your order and wear some rad merch with pride. What’s not to fucking like?


That’s all from us for now, we are still working behind the scenes during our little break and we will be back soon, really soon, to keep giving as much shit as we can to this oppressive system! 

Also if you are able to support us on a regular basis, maybe join our Liberapay team!


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