When we thought we were more or less safe on all our internet accounts after the introduction of our website, Patreon sent us an email informing us that they did not want to host us any longer. Even though we have communicated to them that our aim isn’t “promoting criminal damage” -as they seem to believe – but to inform and produce media for the public, they are not willing to allow us back in their platform. 

Money is always a nasty subject for us. We fucking hate money, but we see how useful it is in some aspects. Although none of us ever would use donations for financial gain, there are quite a few expenses related to UA’s work that make money a need to carry on with the project. Our website, hosting, internet and phone bills, the (not very regular) trip to give workshops or to assist at occupations and the legal fees and prison support work, all requires money. 

We have always been very open about how we use money and how we do not pay for our food, personal bills, whatever. Mostly because we live like street rats so our life might be many things, but it isn’t expensive. 

So here we are, once again, asking for your support. We’ve created a LiberaPay account and we are hoping it will work well for us and for you. We don’t know anyone who uses it so we have no references. If you are able to help us either by donating or by sharing the appeal, that would be amazing. 

You don’t have to donate much. £1, £5, £0.50… everything helps. We have well over 10k followers cross platform so it shouldn’t be too difficult to reach our goal of £150 a week. Certainly loosing Patreon hit us hard when our monthly income had reached 535 dollars a month. 

So, have a look at the new platform, tell us what you think, join if you can and share regardless. We can only survive through mutual aid.



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