In our first A is for Anarchy, we would like to discuss what Anarchism is, and who are the Anarchists.
Anarchism is a school of political thought that rests on one underpinning idea that runs through all forms of anarchism (except “anarcho”capitalists, but they aint anarchists so fuck them). That idea is the opposition to all forms of oppressive power, from capitalism and patriarchy, to the state itself, and some anarchist schools of thought extend this through to civilisation as we know it, and to the idea that each person is free to be them, so long as their freedom does not infringe on the health, wellbeing, or life of another, and the concept of mutual aid (which will be covered in the next article).
The Anarchists are those who believe this wild idea that everyone is free to associate with who they want, in whatever way they want, and that oppressive power structures are a bad thing. Strange, I know.
Democracy has failed, you cannot simply vote away these oppressive structures, the politicians and corporations grow rich on them, cis-men grow more powerful on them, the cops protect them without question, so what is left? What can we, the anarchists on the street do? The only option left is direct action (keep an eye out for article 3), which if you have been following this page for any amount of time, you may have seen a few examples.
If you are ready to take action against this oppression, if you already believe that the state/capitalism/cops/your boss don’t have your best interest at heart, then guess what? You’re already one of us.
For Further reading/watching, check out https://crimethinc.com/tce/
And please, keep an eye out for the next piece
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