We received a report from some comrades in Germany that we thought would be a nice addition to the page, read it below:

“Doing our daily checks looking for filth around Hambacher Forst, we spotted a couple of cars with dog trailers attached. It is quite standard to see hunters around so we decided to finish up the round before going to look for them. At the petrol station, another hunting vehicle with doggos locked in the trailer was fuelling up. The trailer was covered in Nazi stickers, what a fucking surprise!

After checking the local “dog training” website we discovered that they had a hunt training day. So not only those fucks enjoy making dogs become soulless they also welcome Nazis in their lessons. We had to take action.

We located them quickly, about five kilometres away from their meet, split into two groups and training the dogs to retrieve. Armed with airhorns, every time the whistle would be used, we would make as much sound as we could hidden in the bushes before moving a few hundred meters. When the time was right and we had a group of about 15 folks trying to find who was fucking with their lesson, someone approached the vehicles and dealt with the tyres of two of them. A third vehicle seemed to somehow suffer a concussion on the windscreen. Trust us, it didn’t look too pretty.

With the sound of the glass breaking, the attention was back in the cars and whilst we retrieved deeper in the woods we could see the hunters discovering the slashed tyres. Swearing and trying to find the forest elves, they called the other group and together (minus two cars that could not drive for obvious reasons) packed up and went back to their meeting point.

With the police approaching and two tractors towing the cars out of the field, we went back to the woods to resume with our daily jobs.

Neither Nazis, nor hunters, are welcome in this world we call Earth. The sabotage of both is not justifiable but encouraged.


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Via: Underground Badger Syndicate.

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