It’s been a little while since our last update. We have been mostly working in Hambacher Forst, attempting to build new structures after the eviction in September destroyed all living spaces within the forest. Building a treehouse is interesting, hard and certainly not easy, but thanks to the solidarity of others in the forest we keep giving small steps towards finishing it off. We are building on the tree where Whyda used to be before the eviction. Whyda was a treehouse named after a pirate ship and it was our fallen comrade Waka’s favourite treehouse. For that reason we will name the new structure Waka, so to ensure that he is still fighting against the forces that destroy the world. 

Yesterday we endured police action in the forest. Although it was not horrible or difficult, it was ruthless. They came with the excuse of clearing barricades and destroyed all ground living spaces including tents, taking away sleeping bags, boxes of food and many different tools. After pulling up the tree and onto the beams of the future treehouse as much stuff as we could we waited for the state to repress, smash and put in the bin useful stuff and perfectly fine food whilst laughing and pointing at us. We don’t need a reminder of what the police system is, but it certainly painted a very clear picture once again. 

Today we started over, collected what we could and kept building. Not much more you can do but to keep the struggle. 

Underground Badger Syndicate has a gofundme going to help with building material and tools so if anyone would like to help the link is just here: 

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