Once upon a time, Unoffensive used to bring news to folks on Facebook. Some people really liked those news, some people really didn’t. Facebook certainly had a love-hate relationship with them. 

Who knows where the Unoffensive folks are, but Liberate Or Die is taking over instead! Things have to change as we are aware that facebook does not like to see Hit Reports hosted on their site, so all hit reports will be shared on our website (to be released in the next few days) and then linked here. Any other stories we believe are Facebook fitting will be uploaded to this page as it’s always been. 

For any old supporters, welcome back. We are still kicking hard, we are still working the same way and we appreciate your love. Please talk to all your friends about us. Share the page, tell everybody to like us and get us back to the almost 10,000 likes we had before going down. 

For any new humans stumbling upon us, let us introduce ourselves. We are the bastard sons of Bite Back and Arkangel. Scabby squatters, tree climbing punks with a love for treehouses and a staggering hate for cops. Within us we keep the love and rage of animal liberation and earth protection. We love information, we love direct action, and we love telling people what folks are up to to make a better world. 

Expect conspiring instructions about how to fill up fire extinguishers with paint. Expect anger against nazis and a high dose of antifascism. Expect photos and videos of animals broken free from factory farms and any other exploitative prison. Expect stories of sabotage, broken windows and the occasional fire. 

DISCLAIMER 1: Unoffensive is a media page. We do not partake in or promote illegal activities. All reports are anonymous. 

DISCLAIMER 2: Anyone wanting to send us reports, please wait a couple of days until the website is up and running. Security first. 

We are back. 

Love, rage, queer hugs, fire, solidarity and the biggest will to fight for the oppressed. 


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