22nd of August, South East, UK

received anonymously via email:

“During the early hours of the 22nd of August we crept through the night into a small farm which had many different animals held prisoner.

We sprayed MURDERERS, ALF and BIRDS WANT TO BE FREE on the front and inside of the sheds so they would have a nice surprise in the morning.

We opened the guinea foul enclosure but they seemed so traumatized they didn’t understand freedom. We hope some got away.

The chickens are now safe and will live a life free from exploitation. We only wish we could save more!

We will keep liberating and fighting until all are free.”


17th August, France.

received anonymously via email:

“On the night of the 17th of August, 13 rabbits were helped to get free from the farm they were held prisoners in.

They were going to be murdered soon so that some humans could consume their flesh.

They were sequestered into small overcrowded cages and had never seen the sunlight. Most of them were pregnant females.

We took them far away from their torture camp. Today they feel the ground under their paws and the sun on their fur for the first time.

Our thoughts go in the first place to all the people we left behind in the camp, they are the resistants who are surviving in conditions we cannot even imagine. Our actions aren’t heroic, this is the least we can do to become accomplices of those people held prisoners.

It’s a moral duty for every antispeciesist to take action now, to take advantage of our human privilege to open all the gates.

No earthling should be imprisoned.

We have a thought for Matthias, our comrade held in Switzerland, and each activist suffering from the repression.

We’re just getting started. Expect us.”


20th August, Leeds UK.

received anonymously via email:

“This time around it isn’t a factory farm, but a fucking private house that has decided to keep a rabbit locked up in a hatch barely double their size.

As we approach the front garden we can see them moving franticly. With nothing to do, they keep ticking their head over and over. They are bigger than we expect and we have to wrestle them. After a couple of very tense minutes under the living room window, where their abusers are watching TV, they are safely put in their transporter and we walk out and into the car. They will now live in a home that will provide the space they need. They will be able to hop, run and hide, away from their prison.

As we drive away, we name them Eric. Eric has managed to escape their cage, but our comrade Eric King has been suffering in prison. Fascist screws have been throwing him in with Nazis, allowing them to kick the shit out of our comrade. The far right, fascist behaviour of the prison guards is not tolerable, from locking Eric in solitary to not allowing most letters he gets sent to even arrive and not giving him vegan food, he has certainly been having a really bad time in prison.

If you are not willing to break the law, at least support our comrades. Send love to our prisoners.

Get informed about Eric:

Send him letters of love and tell him this story!

Until every cage is empty, and every prison is burnt to the ground!

Animal Liberation Front.”


14th August, Meiningen, Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“1 person, no tools – but you still can smash a hunting tower because every single 1 counts!

So if you are out there in the woods stumbling across something only built to kill, smash it! Don’t walk by, make a difference & destroy the shit!

Holiday greetings from the ALF”


15th August, New Hampshire USA. 

Received anonymously via email. 

“Continuing the call to solidarity with our comrades facing trial for disrupting McDonald’s. Through September 12th, cause as much damage to as many McMurder’s as possible. This is the frontlines of animal dismemberment and commodification, and the individuals purchasing from and keeping the machine running must be shown that resistance exists and is happening in their most comforting of places, so long as that comfort is at the expense of others.

We decided to disrupt a small little town in Alton, New Hampshire USA. This small population town, who has never considered the ones they consume, was forced to confront their harmful habits at the country’s most beloved location. We managed to capture two of our many messages on camera before we left. “Fuck Meat, McMurder,” and the ALF symbol were tagged on every side of the store. Once we had our fun redecorating, we absolutely obliterated one of the menu/ordering screens and the biggest window we could find. That should ensure the message is relayed to corporate. 

If we can throw a wrench in your gears and delay your sale of bodies for just one hour; if we can cause just one customer to second guess their purchase and turn around; if we can burn just one dollar from your pocket, we will be there and we will never stop until all are free. 

Respect existence or expect resistance. 




3rd August, Spain.

received anonymously via email:

“On the night of the 3rd of August four rabbits were set free from cages and transported to a safe home.

This act was made as a symbolic action part of “Tu Abrigo Su Vida” (your coat, their life), the anarcho-vegan collective that will put an end to the fur industry in Spain.

This is just the beginning.

Expect us.”


A Scottish survey run by the Gamekeepers association has shown that hundreds of hunting items were vandalised in the past year.

Fenn traps, rail traps and squirrel traps were smashed or stolen. Large mammal traps were squished or cut open. Snares taken away. A hunt vehicle was damaged to no repair (with a cost of about £25,000) by rolling it down a hill. Cat traps destroyed, GPS trackers installed in hunt vehicles and cattle grids, high seats dismantled or cut and multiple bird traps destroyed.

Dozens of call birds, crows and magpies, have also been released. Gas crowscarers cut, smashed or broken. Poison grit boxes also stolen.

No further investigation by the cops.


14th August, South West UK.

via Stop The Cull.

‘Anonymous comminque recieved (photo is from google and isn’t linked to this particular farm):

“Last year Paul Candy & Dan Britten killed nearly 3,000 badgers in the Somerset countryside. We noticed that Candy recieved a lot of attention on facebook and his business was targetted regularly. Paul Candy earlier this year decided to give up killing badgers.

That just leaves Dan Britten, we went round his farm and decorated one of his cars and his yard using spray paint, he should now know; we will be back.

If you kill badgers, there are consequences.

ALF” ‘


6th August, South East UK

received anonymously via email:

“The night of the 6th of August we headed to Brightling Park and paid a visit to Jon Gaunt’s game farm. Mr Gaunt rears both pheasant and partridge as the gamekeeper of the park. 

 The pheasants were already in the release pens, but two rows of rearing pens full of partridge remained. We cut the ties that held the panel frames together and pulled the end off. Because the partridge was ready to fly, we decided to roll up all the netting, making sure that birds wouldn’t get caught and we made the birds fly away. 

 As many birds were still inside of the rearing shed, we cut the plastic walls and opened doors to give them a chance to escape. The situation in the shed was terrible, with sawdust that had never been changed, dozens of birds dead and piled up in corners and cables dangling in all directions. 

We believe to have freed in between 4,000 and 6,000 partridge in one night. We wish for those birds to have a safe flight away from the guns, and a long and comfortable life. 

We want to dedicate this action to Matthias, a comrade who has spent over eight months in preventive prison in Switzerland, accused of smashing butcher shop windows (without tangible proof) and who is very bluntly being targeted by the state in yet another show of repression. 

 Until all are free. 

 Animal Liberation Front.”

Photo: google satellite image of the pens. 


7th August, Switzerland.

Received anonymously via email: 

“On the night of the 7th of August we liberated 11 wild individuals out of their imprisonment. These beings were abused for training for an absurd tradition.

Hunting does not protect anyone – it kills only.

The argument of regulation of numbers is just one more excuse from humans to justify the killing and the oppression.

The human species spreads out in a ruthless way, steals the natural habitat of these beings and murders them systematically.

Every life has equal value. We humans have no right and absolutely no necessity to imprison, torture and kill millions of sentient beings.

We won’t stop until every cage is empty.

No one is free until all are free. We think of our friend Matthias and hope to see him in freedom soon. Like these wild boars now.

Let the wild be wild.”