16th November, Northern Italy.

Received anonymously via email:


“In the night a group belonging to the Animal Liberation Front broke into one of the many prisons where suffering and death reign, freeing 40 animals from the evil fate imposed on them by criminal humans.

Our only regret is we were not able to save more.

In memory of Barry Horne.



“16 novembre 2022, nord Italia.
Nella notte un gruppo appartenente
al Fronte di Liberazione Animale
si e’ introdotto in uno dei tanti lager
di detenzione dove regnano
sofferenza e morte,
liberando 40 animali dal malvagio
destino loro imposto
dall’umano criminale.
Il nostro unico rammarico e’
non essere riusciti a salvarne di piu’.
In memoria di Barry Horne.


1st December, Ringmer UK.

received anonymously via email:

“Behind this fence are kennels shared by the Crawley & Horsham and South Down & Eridge fox hunts. Week in, week out, they are terrorising wildlife while simultaneously abusing hounds and horses for their own selfish enjoyment and financial gain.

Our message is clear: your scummy activities will not be tolerated here and your reign over the countryside is over.”


Back in September, national and international news covered an arson attack at a meat packaging plant in Chile, where the refrigeration system and the trucks had been set alight by antispeciesist activists.

In November, four people were arrested and remanded to prison accused of the arson and under investigation.

Since then, the four comrades arrested have been adjusting to prison but their spirits are high and their political views are stronger than ever. They even managed to help rescue a cat and her kittens from inside of prison to release them to the free world to be seen by a vet. A true prison escape story!

They are going to need lots of support economically, but they should also receive emotional support and as many letters of love and support as possible.

Prosecution is asking for a minimum of 10 years in prison, but they will have a review of their case (and a reevaluation of their remand) in January 2023.

The four comrades arrested have chosen to remain anonymous and are using pseudonyms as names, they do not wish their photos to be published and will be receiving letters via an email address that is managed by friends outside.

RU/GATO is an anarcho-nihilist, vegan, straight edge prisoner. He is 28 years old, loves animals and hates drugs. He maintains his belief in illegal direct action as the tool to fight for animal and total liberation. He considers himself a proud political prisoner against the business that controls the Chilean territory.

PANDA is a straight edge, vegan anarchist prisoner. He is 26 years old. Enemy of the law and order forcefully imposed by the capitalist system. Loves nature, ecosystems, animals and simplicity. Proud political prisoner, honest with his politics and vehemently in favour of animal and human liberation from the business-territory so-called Chile.

ITA is a vegan, straight edge prisoner. She is 23 years old. She loves nature, animals and specially colours and cats! She opposed the system and the so called law and order. Proud antispeciesist political prisoner. She feels calm and patient with the consequences of the illegal fight against speciesism.

TORTU is a vegan, anarcho-nihilist, straight edge political prisoner. Hates the system, loves nature, animals and freedom for all. Proud political prisoner for animal liberation.

Please write to them, you can simply write an email specifying who you are sending it to [email protected]

If you can afford it, consider sending some cash to the support group, who will be redistributing funds between them for commissary but also will be helping with legal costs, solicitors and court costs.

Their communal PayPal is

(“Neither guilty nor innocent, we are enemies!”)



Are you looking for some holiday cards? Look no further! Thanks to some amazing artists, Unoffensive Animal has a small little set for you to send your best wishes to prisoners around the world!

Thanks to Illustre Feccia, Kate Powell and ZeroFourSixEight you can pop a card over to your family, friends or a few comrades in prison whilst representing animal liberation and direct action.

The pack contains six cards, A6, and they come with envelopes. They have been printed on recycled paper and for every pack we sell we will be sending six cards to prisoners ourselves.

As always, all profit goes to prisoner support and the maintenance of Unoffensive.

Please bare in mind that there is a postal strike (which we fully support), so some parcels might be slightly delayed. We will do our very best to send stuff as it is ordered, but bare with us if your cards don’t arrive immediately!

You can find them here:


The fight against HS2 has seen many activists working very hard to stop a high speed train construction that has destroyed and will continue to destroy miles of nature, murdering thousands of animals and decimating the very little habitat that they have in the UK.

Jellytot is a HS2 campaigner that was sentenced to 268 days in prison for breaching a HS2 injunction . He is in HMP Dovegate until 3rd Feb 2023 and is welcoming messages (via an email managed by some friends) and donations to his support campaign.

His first letter after going in was full of jokes and positivity. Send him a letter (via the email below) and let him know you’re looking forward to his release!

Email him at [email protected] 

More info:



Lately we have seen a few folks sending DMs asking how to submit content, or sending us links to reports they’ve seen online. Regardless of it being an anonymous submission or a link to a news site, the only way to send reports to UA is over email. This is to protect the anonymity of activists as well as to ensure we actually see it. We do not check the multiple social media’s private messages often, but we will always maintain our emails regardless of how busy we are!

To submit a report, our email is unoffensivereports(aattt)

We have made it easier to submit reports anonymously by creating a form within our website where people can write the content and click send. That email then is encrypted before being sent to our address. Depending on the sensitivity of it and your level of security, you should consider accessing the contact form using TOR instead of your normal browser to ensure you are taking extra steps to remain anonymous.

We are aware that some TOR users might experience trouble with CAPTCHA and we are actively learning about Cloudflare’s new captcha alternative, which should work better with Onion Routed browsers. We will implement that feature soon.

To send media, you can upload it (once again using TOR) to any cloud service (like and then simply paste the link alongside the written report. We would advice to remove the metadata of videos and photos using any of the many tools available online.

Tell us what happened, tell us when and tell us where, but do not tell us who you are and do not give information about your comrades. We do not edit reports, whatever is sent will be copy and pasted as it was sent.

You can find our Contact form here:

We hope this helps explaining how to send Hit Reports! The image used comes from Wildfire Magazine volume 3, where you can read an article about what to write on a report a lot more in depth!



Hey folks! It’s been a little while since we have reached out directly. The main reason is that we spent a couple of months working with our friends at Underground Badger Syndicate opposing the cruel badger cull in the UK, so we attempted to keep UA running as much as we could but we certainly had a lot less time for the project.

The badger cull, as every year, was one gruesome yet empowering campaign. On one hand, seeing tens of thousands of badgers being mutilated is a horrible experience. Whole clans destroyed, wiped clean to support the farming industry in the country. On the other hand, it is always empowering to see a direct action campaign that manages to bring so many different people from many different walks of life to do one thing and one thing only, sabotage the murder. After many shooters spooked away and many cages smashed, the main badger cull ends for the year, whilst supplementary zones will keep the killing for a little longer.

Now that we have a little more time to dedicate to the project, we would like to reach out to you. Over the years we’ve served as a platform for anonymous reporting, but also as an educational resource, be it on history, or security, or technology, as well as as a news platform for the broader revolutionary struggle. We have operated for over six years now and many different contributors have come and gone. We are at a crossroads now, where we would like to produce more media but we do not have enough time to do so with the current team, so we are looking at broadening up and calling for folks who would like to be active participants in the creation of media for Unoffensive Animal.

The project has always had folks working on it on a volunteer basis and none of us gets paid. UA is, and always will be, a mutual aid project. We are looking for people who would be interested in writing an article twice a month, or maybe even once a week! This could be on history of the movement, or maybe updating the readers about prisoner’s news, it could be on security advice and even on technology and security, but we are not limited to those ideas, if you believe you have a cool idea and know you can commit to it on a semi regular basis, please reach out! This project belongs to all of us, you included, and UA becomes what we all make it! if you think you can help, you can reach out to us directly over the email form on the contact us tab on our website. We do not need (nor want!) to know your details, or your past, or what you’ve been involved in.

Reach out and help us make UA a better platform for all!

Worth mentioning that our Patreon has been on a very steady decline over the past two years. If you can afford it, why not join and support the project for a few coins a month?

If you do not want to subscribe for a monthly donation, we also accept monero and bitcoin donations as well as PayPal. You can find all the addresses on our Support Us page:

Thank you for your constant love and support.



7th November, Leiden Netherlands.

Via De Zwarte Tulp


Several members from De Zwarte Tulp opened the cages of the Aviary in Het Plantsoen in Leiden on the night of 7 to 8 November, as we had promised after our previous campaign.

For our reasoning, we refer you to our previous statement on our website. In this text we state that the freedom of the birds is priority number one and the confinement of the birds is morally unjustified. We would also like to emphasize that 0 birds were found dead as a result of our previous action.

We suspect this is the reason the municipality reacted differently this time. They can no longer claim that the escaped birds died. Instead, we are noticing conflicting reports from the municipality and outlets like Sleutelstad and Leidsch Dagblad.

The municipality claims that a cat was found in the aviary, this can be seen in photos. However, they also claim that thIs cat ate some of the birds, a claim which Unity then uncritically regurgitated and turned into their headline. This while Het Leidsch Dagblad previously said that the cat had timidly hidden itself away in a corner. On Tuesday, Sleutelstad even went so far as to suggest that we left this cat here, now they tell the same story as the municipality.

We want to make it clear that we did not leave this cat in the cage. We are against putting animals in cages, this includes cats. In addition, no evidence has been provided for the claim that the cat had eaten some of the birds. If this is actually true, we’d like to see some proof.

We are saddened to see that the municipality is not taking our concerns seriously and is making unsubstantiated claims again. This distracts from the point of our action: birds shouldn’t be forced into cages. Instead, they want to portray us as untrustworthy criminals who are inherently wrong. If the birds weren’t trapped, we wouldn’t have had to free them.

This is why we would like to ask people to not just believe everything the authorities and the media say without substantial proof to back it up. Please think critically.

Speaking of critical thinking, we find it peculiar that nowhere in the responses, both from the media and comments there, we’ve seen an answer to the question we raised. Is this because people would rather be caged from the moment they’re born, living the rest of their lives in the equivalent of a tiny student room instead of the vast outside world? We highly doubt it.

Therefore we’d like to ask again: wouldn’t you rather be free too?

We would like to ask the municipality to discuss our concerns. We have read the documents from the city council and we find it unacceptable and borderline undemocratic how the council has dealt with the Partij voor de Dieren. Take their concerns seriously as well.

In any case, it’s clear that the municipality is showing some hostility towards us.

With militant regards,
Team “Free as a bird”


Een aantal leden van De Zwarte Tulp hebben in de nacht van 7 op 8 november de kooien van de Volière in Het Plantsoen in Leiden geopend, zoals wij hadden beloofd na onze vorige actie.
Voor onze beweegredenen verwijzen we jullie naar ons vorig statement op onze website. Hierin stellen wij dat de vrijheid van de vogels prioriteit nummer 1 is en het opsluiten van de vogels moreel verwerpelijk is. Wij willen ook graag benadrukken dat er 0 vogels dood zijn aangetroffen als gevolg van onze vorige actie.

Wij hebben het vermoeden dat er hierdoor dit keer een andere reactie vanuit de gemeente is gekomen. De gemeente kan nu niet meer claimen dat er ontsnapte vogels gestorven zijn. In plaats daarvan valt ons nu tegenstrijdige berichtgeving vanuit de gemeente, Sleutelstad en het Leidsch Dagblad op.

De gemeente claimt dat er een kat is aangetroffen in de volière, dit is te zien op foto’s. Echter zeggen zij vervolgens ook dat deze kat vogels heeft opgegeten, een claim die Unity zonder kritiek heeft overgenomen en zelfs als kop van hun artikel gebruikt. Dit terwijl volgens het Leidsch Dagblad de kat zich schuw in een hoekje had verstopt.  Sleutelstad wekte dinsdag nog de suggestie dat wij die kat daar zouden hebben achtergelaten. Inmiddels vertelt Sleutelstad echter hetzelfde verhaal als de gemeente.

Wij willen duidelijk maken dat wij deze kat niet in de kooi hebben achtergelaten. Wij zijn tegen het plaatsen van dieren in kooien, dit geldt ook voor katten.  Daarnaast is voor de claim dat de kat vogels heeft opgegeten ook geen bewijs geleverd. Als deze kat daadwerkelijk vogels heeft opgegeten, dan willen wij dat graag zien voordat wij dat geloven.

Wij vinden het jammer dat de autoriteiten onze zorgen niet serieus nemen en opnieuw ongefundeerde claims maken. Dit leidt af van het punt van onze actie: vogels zouden niet gedwongen in een kooi opgesloten moeten zitten. In plaats daarvan willen ze door middel van ongegronde claims ons wegzetten als zijnde niet te vertrouwen criminelen die het per definitie aan het verkeerde eind hebben. Maar, als de vogels niet opgesloten zouden zitten, zouden wij ze ook niet hoeven te bevrijden.

Daarom willen wij mensen vragen om niet zomaar alles wat de autoriteiten en de media zeggen te geloven als daarvoor geen bewijs voor wordt geleverd en kritisch na te denken.

Over kritisch nadenken gesproken, we vinden het opvallend dat nergens in de reacties, zowel van de media en comments daar, een antwoord wordt gegeven op de vraag die we gesteld hebben. Is dit omdat men werkelijk liever in een kooi geboren wordt, om hun hele leven door te brengen in de grootte van een kleine studentenkamer in plaats van de wijde wereld daarbuiten? Wij betwijfelen dit ten zeerste. Vandaar dat we opnieuw willen vragen: Jij zou toch ook liever vrij zijn?

Aan de gemeente willen wij vragen om onze zorgen te bespreken. Wij hebben de stukken van de gemeenteraad gelezen en wij vinden het onacceptabel en ronduit ondemocratisch hoe het college met de Partij voor de Dieren is omgegaan. Neem ook hun zorgen serieus.

Het is in ieder geval duidelijk dat de gemeente zich vijandig naar ons opstelt.

Met strijdbare groet,
Team Vogelvrij


Eric was sentenced to ten years behind bars after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement to one count of “using explosive materials to commit arson”. Since the moment Eric was locked up, the system has been continuously torturing him, exposing him to nazis after feeding them information that he is an antifascist, beating him up behind out of camera view doors and even shackling him to a bed, naked and in solitary. He had to battle a new charge whilst in prison, accused of attacking a guard when he had been the one attacked by the corrections officer, who had taken him to a broom closed and beat him up. He was found NOT GUILTY of that charge, but because the Bureau Of Prisons has many different ways to keep punishing innocent people, he was transported to a supermax facility.

This means that Eric is now completely isolated, 24/7, if you don’t count the disgraceful treatment by the screws, although that changes very little compared to his previous locations, where he was locked up in SHU and also not allowed to interact. There are positives to his new location. Eric reports that he has not had any smack talk from screws yet, and he has a TV. He does mention TV being a double edge sword and a tool by BOP to shackle people to a screen. He also has more access to commissary now, and he is allowed to wear sweatpants and shoes.

With commissary being less controlled now, he should be able to access more stamps and respond to more letters. Write to him so that the BOP’s tactic of isolation to force his mental health to break does not have an effect. He likes talking about football (specially Manchester United!), he likes folk music, he loves hearing about animals punking humans, the misfortunes of officers/nazis and even Taylor Swift. Just drop him a letter, pain a smile on his face and remind him that the end of his sentence is nearing.

Eric King 27090045
PO BOX 8500

Solidarity is our biggest weapon! Send solidarity to Eric today!


A few years ago, Underground Badger Syndicate was born as an anti-hunting direct action splinter from Unoffensive Animal. By now, the group is a fully fledged independent team of very committed activists that look for traps wherever they are and destroy the tools that murder wildlife.

We spent some time with them during the last badger cull and it was amazing to see the strategy and work of folks who might not see each other in months but still knows how to work together and be very disruptive to the hunters. We would love to share with you one of our favourite pieces of media they published during the last season; the release of a badger from a trap in the middle of the night. 

We will paste the words that accompanied that video, but before we do we would really like to ask folks to donate to them if you are able to; they are a non-affiliated direct action group which means no bigger charities or organisations are funding them, and they are constantly in need of support.

Find UBS:
Instagram: @undergroundbadgersyndicate


You just went for a stroll. Down the path, into the fields, snuffling around and looking for food. You know what you’re looking for. For a week, you’ve been snacking on peanuts every single day. You walk straight to them, feeling the luckiest animal on earth. Except for this time; your luck has run out.

The cold, deafening sound of the cage shutting behind you startles you. You turn around leaving your peanuts behind, but you are trapped. Locked in a metal box and without escape, you still fight.

It is desperate and frantic, yet hopeless. You scratch against the mud and your nails mark the ground, but they don’t manage to break the soil below you. You don’t care that your knees are bloodied, you want to break free. When that does not work, you try headbutting the walls. A streak of warm blood falls into your eyes from your forehead. There is no escape.

You just wanted to roam free, but the human had decided otherwise. You’re a pest, a problem, an inconvenience. You deserve death. So with nothing else to do but wait, you stare away into the night awaiting your fate. A gunshot awaits you a few hours away from now.

Today is your lucky day though, and so it is ours for having met such an incredibly resilient fighter. You didn’t need a saviour, but you certainly needed solidarity. So we extend solidarity to you and you keep fighting from today onwards.

Stay away from peanuts little one, and run free forever.


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