August, Norfolk UK

received anonymously via email:

“The ALF recently liberated around 50 “game” birds being held in a release pen in Norfolk.

These sentient earthlings were imprisoned during a 32oc heatwave, waiting for a sad bunch of wankers to show up with their big guns and inferiority complexes.

Activists cleared the pen and watched the birds reclaim their stolen freedom, flying off into the night.

Once the last few stragglers had been evacuated, no time was wasted in tearing the structure to the ground.

When it was thoroughly trashed, activists left to contemplate where to hit next.

The animal rights movement continues to strengthen, gaining support and momentum. Violence towards the innocent will not be accepted in the just, peaceful and sustainable world we must forge. And sorry huntscum, but that means finding another outlet for your sexual dysfunction.”


Summer, Quebec, Canada

received anonymously via email:

“Not far from a hiking trail, fixed on a tree, we spotted a weird black box. Inside, there was a rusted killing device.

These are called Conibear / Bodygrip Trap. They are fatal and used for wild fur animals such as muskrat, mink, skunk, marten, bobcat, otter, raccoon and beaver. They could also be really dangerous for curious humans, hikers, joggers, etc.

Instantaneous death is rarely a guarantee with killing traps, resulting in excruciating pain for animals that become victim to these cruel devices. We didn’t hesitate, we took a tree branch, disarmed the trap and brought it with us.

Fuck trappers, leave the animals alone, cowards ! Such small direct actions can saves lives.”


4th August, Nebraska USA.

Originally published by Scenes:

“Tonight in Omaha, Nebraska we found the offices of Atlas Technical Consultants. A pane of glass was smashed in and the following messages were sprayed on their front entrance:

“Drop the contract, no cop city in ATL”
“Drop Long Eng, Drop B & G”
“No Cop Cities”

People in Nebraska and all over stand in solidarity with all the forest defenders in Atlanta. Solidarity means attack, and as long as companies choose to be complicit in the destruction of the forest and bolstering of the police state, they should expect things like this to keep occuring. To all those in the forest, we are with you in spirit and will continue to fight as long as there is one to be had.

In solidarity and admiration,
comrades in Nebraska”