21st October, Somerset UK

received anonymously via email:

“The countryside is full of scum and death. After finding and destroying badger cages around a particular farm in Somerset we decided to get a closer look. Right next to the house we found two calves dumped like rubbish in the mud with a load of other discarded items. Shivering, malnourished and covered in their own waste they were scared and in pain. We’ve had to walk away from so many suffering animals but we couldn’t abandon these two. We made plans and came back for them under the cover of darkness. But they were gone. We searched but heartbroken we had to leave, afraid we had come too late.

But we couldn’t stop thinking about them and in the daylight returned again to cover more ground. Eventually on another part of the farm, in a small smelly hutch, we caught sight of them. Again we waited and once the farmer was fast asleep we took them away. We had to leave many other starved calves but these two escaped. They’ve got the medical attention and the food that their little bodies desperately needed. They will grow strong and survive an evil industry that others only leave through the slaughterhouse.

We are watching every single badger killer and we have no problem taking action. If you are an animal exploiter, expect us.

Dedicated to Richii, still in prison. We are fighting for you.



Casteller was on the news recently due to a mass action in support of the bears running wild in Italy and demanding the release of those imprisoned inside. The whole story is grotesque, where a system -run by humans in support of capitalism – will condemn bears to prison when accused of eating a sheep, or a goat, or the remnants in a trash bin. Multiple bears (who were reintroduced into the wild from other countries with the aim of increasing biodiversity) have fallen into a system where they are locked up and sterilised, condemned to live forever between concrete walls.

Two Italian women, Barbara Nosari and Stefania Sbarra have been in hunger strike since the 21st of September in an attempt to gain freedom for the bears in Italy. They sent their demands, that read: “Following up to what emerged from the recent CITES inspection at the Casteller, the hunger strike will be aimed at the following points:

  • immediate closure of the Casteller site;
  • release of the bears called M49 (Papillon) – M57 – Dj3
  • definitive annulment of the order of capture for bear JJ4;
  • elimination of future PACOBACE interventions marked as ‘J’ and ‘K’ which, practically mean death and imprisonment of bears.”

Yesterday, when we last talked to Stefania, she said: “our action is very painful but we must bend them (the government). They must give the bears back the freedom they have stolen. Help us please thank you.”

When we were first contacted about this, the request was for us to share a petition for people to share, which we have categorically denied in multiple occasions due to privacy, security and effectiveness issues. We see this as a slightly different situation, so we will share the petition link with everybody who wishes to sign, but we would call everybody to do something more than sign a fucking internet petition.

Two people are facing immediate death due to the inactivity of the Italian government. Multiple bears are facing life in prison because of the greed of animal agriculture. Wherever you are in the world, it is now a good time to make your voice heard. There are Italian embassies in most countries in the world. That might be a good starting point to elevate the voice of the two humans asking for help.

This is your moment to save multiple lives. Take it serious.

Link to their petition:



31st October, Norfolk UK

Received anonymously via email:
“On the 31st of October, we entered Nature Farm, Horsford, a “free-range”, family-run egg farm in Norfolk. Free-range is synonymous with ‘high welfare’, yet exposés of farms up and down the country have proved, time and time again, this is not the case. Red Tractor, RSPCA Approved, farm-fresh, happy hens, high welfare … these are all meaningless labels to placate the conscience of consumers. The public are being duped.
Over numerous visits to Nature Farm, we found hens in shocking, appalling conditions: bleeding, infected, red raw, prolapsed, egg bound, featherless. Suffering. The farm was dingy, filthy, smelt putrid and was full of flies, with no enrichment for the hens. It’s a prison and a breeding ground for zoonotic diseases.
On this occasion, five individuals were liberated. They have been taken to a new home where they will enjoy love, sunlight and freedom: the freedom to carry out their natural behaviours, freedom to be themselves, freedom from harm, exploitation and murder. To the hundreds we had to leave behind, we are truly sorry.
There is never a right way to exploit someone else’s body, there is never a just reason to reduce a sentient life to nothing more than a commodity. But for those who believe otherwise, the ‘humane way’ doesn’t exist. It’s a lie.


October 2020, Czechia.


“I am tired of counting our rescue actions. So I will just write that in a few nights we took out of grief and suffering 217 hens.

There are places we visit more that once. We remember how girls look shortly after they are stocked in these halls. They are calm, they let us pet them and hold them in our arms, people in safe homes are often amazed how beautiful they are. The time goes by, some are dying, some are surviving and those who are still alive are loosing their minds, strength and will to live. To every tiny impulse they react insanely, they are frightened by light, sound, they scream a lot and flap their wings and people in their safe homes pity them and tell us that it’s so terrible what people did to them. We sometimes go to rescue them just a couple of days before human hands snatch them out of their suffering just to load them into transport to be slaughtered. In their last days those animals are lethargic, surrendered and some of them will not survive this even in their new home. I already know this when I take them in my arms.

In safe homes people tell us how terrible the battery cages are and we tell them that those girls we saved look terrible but they are not from the battery cages. We tell them that the misery is everywhere but not widely publicised and popular. Some lie that battery cages are better than aviary or cage free systems, others lie that they are worse or at least they repeat their strategical crap. Both these liars invoke common sense and emotion.

But who does it hurt? For example these girls from aviary system.”


31st October, Berlin Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“The Drive through of a McDonald’s in Berlin, Germany, was spraypainted with “McDeath” at the end of October.”


October 2020, Czechia.

received anonymously via email:

“Seven hunting towers have been damaged in the north of Czechia. The object are located on a ho-tspot of carbofuran poisonings. Carbofuran is a very toxic chemical widely used by hunters to get rid of natural predators. Intoxication results in a respiratory failure and painful dead of the animal. No poisoners have been convicted. More towers are are about to go down.”


7th November, East Anglia UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Pig liberated from farm in East Anglia UK. 7TH November 2020
Until every cage is empty.”


Our work in the badger cull is over and we can get back to focusing on Unoffensive Animal. Sadly, due to police repression, we lost a lot of our footage and we might not have enough to publish our full light documentary on the badger cull any time soon, but if it does appear, we will get back working on it as soon as possible.

It certainly has been a rough few months and as every year we are incredibly impressed by the amount of people out fighting the cull and the passion displayed by many of them. It is a humbling experience. We certainly want to mention @undergroundbadgersyndicate for their dedication. If you’re able to, please support them in any way you can.

Now that we are back, we want to hear from you. Unoffensive has always been a platform where direct action is published, but also an educational tool. What would you like us to produce? Would the series on technology and security be something people are interested in? ALFRIDAYS? Incite, Conspire, Inspire? Something completely different?

Whatever it is, please drop us a comment, give us suggestions and requests.

Equally, we would like to hear from people about merch. We don’t make a lot of money out of merchandise but we still believe it to be a good way of spreading the word and raising a few pennies. A few people have contacted us and asked when we are going to restock. Are people interested in a Unoffensive Merch Restock before all the capitalist Christmas bullshit kicks in? Would it be good to have a new design? Would people be interested in beanies?

Lastly, the folks at Wildfire would also like to hear about the magazine. If you have read the first edition, what did you think? If you haven’t, why haven’t you?

Talk to us as we want to hear as much feedback as possible and kickstart unoffensive as hard as we possibly can!

If you’re able to support us, we have to pay for our website server (that’s kinda an annoying thing that happens once a year!) and it really isn’t cheap.

For one off donations, PayPal is peng, send us a friends and family tip to unoffensive_animal (@) tutanota (.) com

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Waiting to hear from all of you.

See you in the next riot


PS: How peng is this photo from Underground Badger Syndicate?


First of all as a quick update about what we are up to, we are still working hard in the badger cull as it has not ended in multiple zones. This is the main reason we are not updating our website and socials as often as normal. As soon as the bloodbath is over we will be able to put a bit of love and care into up keeping Unoffensive Animal, but we don’t want you to think we are abandoning the project, we are just terribly busy!

There is a second reason why we’ve been publishing A LOT LESS than normal. For some odd reason, our standard way or receiving hit reports safely has stopped working.

Guerrillamail does not want to interact with RiseUp so any emails sent through guerrilla mail are NOT being received. Folks needing to send hit reports whilst remaining anonymous need NOT TO USE GUERRILLAMAIL.

Any reports sent during the last month that have not been published yet should be sent once again. We will edit the website explaining how to contact us once the badger cull is over, but for now this is a quick how to:

1- Use a VPN (RiseUpVPN works and it is free)
2- Use Tor Browser (just download the browser, it is easy!)
3- visit (instead of Guerrillamail) or any other throwaway email service. You can also create a throwaway account with literally ANY email provider, so long as you do not use it any longer.
4- attach your media to a WeTransfer and copy/paste the download link. We are working on using different and more secure methods of receiving media, but for now that is the easiest and more intuitive
5- don’t write personal details. We don’t need to know.
6- send your email to unoffensiveanimal (at) riseup (dot) net

It is as simple as that. Share this information with everybody and let them know that our email service was down, but we are now able to receive reports once again as long as folks use a different email provider.

Nothing else to add. See you in the next riot!