reported anonymously:

“Switzerland – End of September

Three young goats and two rabbits destined to death were rescued and brought to a safe place.

We couldn’t stay still watching them incarcerated in tiny spaces while bred to become pieces of meat. 

With this action we want to send a solidarity sign to Matthias who is in prison in Switzerland accused of different actions against animal exploitation businesses and whose trial will start on the 6th of November.

The best solidarity is DIRECT ACTION and continuing the struggle! 

For total liberation, for anarchy!”


9th October, Cremona, Italy.


“On her neck she wears the wounds of the chain, in her mind the traces of solitude. She was an object, not even worthy of a name. Forced to drink rotten water and food leftovers, without any contact or even any interaction with his “owner”. A pure soul that has suffered repeated physical violence.

The liberators could not look away, they had to save him and they did. His recovery will be long, at some point he will be able to trust humans again. Now she will be given the chance to live in a place where she will receive love, a word unknown to her, hundreds of miles away from cruelty.

The deep wound in her neck will sooner or later disappear, but within her a very heavy scar with which she will have to live will remain forever.

Long live ‘Little Sweet Angel’.”


As some of you who have followed this page for a while now, you’ll know our views on cops, and the institution of the police, we hate them. In this A is for Anarchy, we’re going to explain why that is, and why the cops are not your friends.

The main reason for our hatred of cops is that they exist solely to maintain the status quo, which in today’s capitalist society means upholding the systems of oppression that affect anyone not of the ruling classes. The Police willingly choose to uphold unjust laws, evicting people from their homes, stealing people’s possessions simply because they’re sleeping on the streets, criminalising sx-wrkers for simply making a living, locking people up for stealing food to live, and yet the large corporations who exploit humans, animals, and the planet go unchallenged, ask yourself, why do you think this is? Why can a CEO be praised for stealing millions of pounds yet someone stealing an overpriced vegan wrap is criminal filth in the eyes of the law?

Some of you may ask “but aren’t the police just people like us, shouldn’t we try to get them on our side?” or “I’ve never had a bad experience with the police” (I’m looking at you Extinction Rebellion). Whilst I guess cops are technically people, they are not like us. Do you really trust someone who’s morals can be bought for the right price? If you’ve never had a bad experience with the police, you’re very likely to be privileged, submissive, or both. The reality is accepting the police into any movement not only alienates communities that face significantly more police oppression, it also puts every activist in that movement at risk. The people who sign up to be cops choose to base their livelihoods around protecting the status quo, they know exactly what they’re signing up for and what they will be expected to do as an arm of the State. 

Now you may be wondering what we can do to challenge policing in our local area, the easiest way to do so is to start a community “CopWatch” (as long as it is safe for you to do so). What this involves is recording how cops interact with the community, either by writing it down or taking video evidence. Providing those under arrest with information about their rights is also another good way to challenge the abuses by cops, again, only if it is safe for you to do so. 

For information on your rights (with a focus on protests but a good starter in general) check out and

For what to do during an immigration raid/immigration check (fuck “immigration enforcement” too) check out

Both of the above sites provide “bust cards” free to print, as well as other pdf’s and zines about your rights, and what cops can and can’t do

For more information about policing in general, and alternatives to cops (although with a slight USA centred spin) check out the following:

(if you haven’t already, go read everything you can by Crimethinc. as well as listening to their podcasts)


October, Germany.

via: BiteBack Magazine.

According to media reports, “militant hunting opponents” are suspected of being behind the destruction of numerous hunting towers near the city of Celle in recent months. Four hunting towers were set on fire in the last week alone.

Other reports from Northern Germany and Bavaria put the count of hunting towers destroyed up to 30.

The police has offered money for anyone who wishes to be shanked for being a snitch.


After seven continuous weeks of badger cull in the UK, Unoffensive has taken a bit of a blow. We are aware that we’ve not been publishing as regularly  as normal as we have been busy and exhausted during the campaign. For that reason, we have a lot of things to talk about and this update is just the first one of five to come in the next days.

The badger cull was grim and disgusting, but also a lot of fun. Our comrades at Underground Badger Syndicate have been working hard and it was great working alongside them. Many cages later, loads of farmers angry and shooters sent back home with their guns in the carrier, the cull has ended. We’ve seen the grim side of the countryside as per usual with traps not only for badgers but for every wild animal you can imagine. We’ve seen badger setts completely destroyed by the cull, but also setts that have kept as lively and strong as they were when the cull started. It is always wonderful to see badgers fucking about at night after the cull is over, and we also managed to do so. So as every year, the cull was exhausting but rewarding and we would not dream in a million years missing out in such an important campaign.

Back to our media business, we’ve been lacking publishing our usual. We’ve now scheduled all hit reports plus a few A is for Anarchy and ALFridays for you to learn and enjoy. Technology 101 is taking a little break, but it will come back soon without a doubt. 

We need some time to unwind after the campaign, but we would be enormously grateful if you contacted us in relation to other campaigns and actions happening in Europe, maybe we can meet up and join the fight!

We have one workshop booked at the beginning of January in Switzerland. We would be happy to give talks in other places if folks are interested. We do not ask for money (we’ve been told that certain saviours do for some strange reason) and really we just need help finding a venue and promoting it locally. So if you want us to visit and have a chat (and live within Europe as visas are difficult and transport would take us forever) drop us an email or a PM and let’s get it sorted! 

A little something folks could really do to help us out is too share our social media and posts. Instagram seems to have been doing more or less ok and we’ve not been taken down in a long while, but our facebook page is still suffering after the last ban. Share us and comment, like the posts, recommend us to others, whatever!

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Your favourite dirty anarchists. 

(Photo: French raid in 2014 where 14 rabbits were taken from a meat farm)


20th October, Paris.

received anonymously

“On the night of October 20th, in the Paris region, we released a partridge exploited as a decoy.

Hunters raise and exploit people of other species, lock them in cages or tie them to strings to attract their peers and then kill them all.

We do not know how long this person was locked up in this cage, and we can only imagine the number of his/her congeners he/she saw die before her/his eyes.

The cage was at the edge of a wood, near a field. We cut the wire mesh from the cage using scissors for metal. Then we took the person with us to free him/her in a forest where hunting is less present and where he/she will not be tempted to come back to eat where he/she was being held.

What we have done is illegal because speciesism is the norm. Exploitation and killing is socially accepted, and those who actively oppose it to help the victims are tracked down, tried and locked up by the state.

Revolt with us against all the oppressive norms, destroy what allows them to continue, and this, until the end of all dominations!”

“Dans la nuit du 20 octobre, en région parisienne, nous avons libéré un.e perdrix / garbon exploité.e en tant qu’appelant.e.

Les chass.eurs/euses élèvent et exploitent des personnes d’autres espèces, les enferment dans des cages ou les attachent à des ficelles pour attirer leurs congénères et ensuite tou.te.s les assassiner.

Nous ne savons pas depuis quand cette personne était enfermée dans cette cage, et nous ne pouvons qu’imaginer le nombre de ses congénères qu’elle a vu mourir sous ses yeux.

La cage était à la lisière d’un bois, proche d’un champs. Nous avons découpé le grillage de la cage à l’aide de ciseaux à métaux. Puis nous avons emmené la personne avec nous pour la libérer dans une forêt où la chasse est moins présente et où elle ne sera pas tentée de revenir manger à l’endroit où elle était détenue.

Ce que nous avons fait est illégal, car le spécisme est la norme. Exploiter et tuer est socialement admis, et celleux qui s’y opposent activement pour aider les victimes sont traqué.e.s, jugé.e.s et enfermé.e.s par l’État.

Révoltez-vous à nos côtés contre toutes les normes oppressives, détruisons ce qui leur permet de perdurer, et ce, jusqu’à la fin de toutes les dominations !”



Received anonymously via email: 


Trick or treat !

During the night of October 31st to November 1st, 2019, poltergeists went to work. In reaction to the hunters who tortured and wounded the inhabitants of the forest, we bit back with the teeth of a saber saw. 8 hunting towers were targeted by the spell ACTIVISTA ANTISPECISTUM. They were cut up, dismantled and then collapsed on the ground. Saturday’s hunting party will be severely compromised …

The revengeful spirits have also left a trace on their way (“Their life, your profits, die”) on a neighboring farm “respectful of animal welfare” to remind that respect does not stand for a haystack on the ground of a prison and as a promise of an imminent return.

Happy Halloween to the forest people


Des bonbons ou un sort !

Dans la nuit du 31 octobre au 1er novembre 2019, des esprits frappeurs facétieux se sont mis au travail. Les chasseur.esse.s ayant torturé et meurtri les habitant.e.s de la forêt se sont pris.e.s un retour de baton, ou plutôt de scie sabre. 8 miradors ont subi le sort ACTIVISTA ANTISPECISTUM. Ils ont été découpés, démantelés puis se sont effondrés au sol. La partie de chasse de samedi va être sévèrement compromise…

Les esprits vengeurs ont également laissé une trace de leur passage (“Leur vie, vos profits, crevez”) sur un élevage voisin “respectueux du bien-être animal” pour rappeler que le respect ne tient pas à une botte de paille sur le sol d’une prison. Promesse d’un retour imminent.

Joyeux halloween aux habitant.e.s de la forêt


1st November, Denver, Colorado USA. 

Received anonymously via email: 

“For “World Vegan Day”, Ben & Jerry’s decided to advertise free plant based ice cream for a day. So we decided to show them that this advertising attracts actual vegans as well. 

The paint on the side of their building ensures that anyone who walks by will know what they are walking by; a company whose massive profits come from the sexual violation of millions of persons, all while pretending to “resist” and be “woke” in their online presence. 

We do not want your vegan capitalism. We don’t want vegan options. We want animal liberation. Take your cash grab and shove it.

Until all your exploitative business fronts and factories are rubble.


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