Terms and Conditions

We don’t fucking like disclaimers and legal shit but apparently there is a need, so let’s break this down.
  1. We are an activist collective covering media work. That means we might be at your next riot, in a police cell or chilling on top of a treehouse when you place your order. It might take three days, a week or a month for your fresh threads to arrive. Bare with us, and if there is any trouble and you have not received your stuff after a while let us know so we can sort it out.
  2. We aren’t here to make money. We actually don’t make a penny out of this shit. We raise funds, redirect it to groups, prison support and travel expenses to cover events, workshops or calls to action. That means we can’t make things cheaper than we do, but also we don’t give a shit about money so if you’re desperate for a t-shirt drop us an email and we will cover your bare
  3. Our shit is printed by hand, also there might be slight misprints or issues. If something is real fucked do let us know, but if the bolt cutters have an edge that isn’t super mega ultra defined please grab yourself a white sharpie and fill the blanks.
  4. It doesn’t fit right? That’s ok, we can change it if you haven’t worn it yet. Just drop us a message.
  5. Thank you for supporting us and understanding what we are up to and how we work. Fuck capitalism. You can’t sue us because we don’t own anything. Bye.  *Product descriptions already inputed in the products