May. Stuttgart Germany.


{editor’s note: Photo unrelated, rat traps sabotaged in Germany during 2022}

Received anonymously via email:

“I destroyed two rat poison traps, just on my way home. Be active everywhere!”


20th may, Argentina.

Received anonymously via email:

ENGLISH (translation):

“A cold afternoon in Argentina, in a beach far away from the city where nobody really goes off-season we saw an amateur fishing person as the single, lone human on the beach.

The only vehicle parked there was theirs, and they spent a very long time fishing, showing a great passion for the murder of fish.

What they didn’t know is that fishing saboteurs were hunting them, and whilst they were fishing we slashed their tyres. Because we slashed all tyres, the emergency tyre in the boot served no purpose, so their way back was a little inconvenient 60km away from any tyre place

They likely thought “who can be so cruel” but it was extremely pleasurable to see their murderous eyes now filled with sadness, walking around their vehicle with all the tyres popped.

Fishing saboteurs, keep going!”

SPANISH (original):

“Una tarde fría en argentina, en una playa alejada de la ciudad, que no es concurrida fuera de temporada, vimos un entusiasta pescador, era la única persona en esa alejada playa

El único auto que había era el suyo, este entusiasta pescador, pasó horas pescando demostrando una gran pasión por asesinar peces.

Lo que no sabía es que estaba siendo acechado por saboteadores de la pesca, y asi pinchamos sus ruedas,al tener más de una rueda pinchada de nada le serviría su rueda De auxilio, por lo cual, se le puso un poco difícil la vuelta a su casa a 60km de cualquier gomería.

Pensando seguramente, ¿quién puede tener tanta maldad? fue placentero ver su mirada de asesino indignada, circulando en su vehículo con las ruedas pinchadas.

Saboteadores de la pesca, adelante!”


15th April, Stuttgart/Grunbach, Germany.

{editor’s note: Photo unrelated to the action, towers destroyed in Germany during 2020}

Received anonymously via email: 

“April 15 Hunting Towers destroyed in one night! No silent night for the murderers, anymore!”


20th May, Midlands UK.

Received anonymously via email: 

“we stole and smashed twelve poison boxes in a service station in Midlands. All were baited with both poison blocks and poisoned wheat. Sadly, we also found two tiny mice that after having eaten the poison sought shelter in the trap and died because of it.

Fuck pest control. Smash poison traps!”


4th May, Stuttgart, Germany.

{editor’s note: image unrelated. Chicken liberation in 2020, UK.}

Received anonymously via email:

“4 Chickens liberated! They loved us so much that they did sleep with us in one bed, by there choice. Such beautiful beings!”


19th May, South America,

Received anonymously via email:

“The liberation of Locky

Activists find themselves in a sadly normalized situation: a puppy is locked in a house under reconstruction:

“For several weeks, the dog was seen behind the gate of this house without water or food. After some research, a neighbour told the activists that he took care of the dog for a long weekend –he had run away from their “masters”, who didn’t feed him.

In this hopeless scenario for the puppy, considering that his role in this family was “guarding” the uninhabitable land under remodeling, the activists decided to do something.

So, on a rainy afternoon after verifying that there was no one in the house, they broke in and were able to take the dog out, who was in a room at the bottom of the house without water or food.

He’s now in a shelter with other dogs waiting to be adopted! This is a very common problem in Latin-America: using dogs as security tools (police use them as part of their force as well).

No use or objectification is justified. We reject that from the ALF and attack the root of the problem, that’s why we always opt for direct action, given that our animal siblings cannot liberate themselves.

Every species deserves respect. Veganism is justice!”


20th May, Sweden.

Received anonymously via email:


No vivisection! Free all prisoners from MBR! Liberation through direct action. Solidarity from so called Sweden (graffiti stencil)!

Support Operation 1000 May 25th.




{editor’s note: This is the video of an already reported action by 269 liberation animale}

“This is a tale about an evasion. A tale about borders, blown up by direct action.

Borders between those who can transform, who can achieve a metamorphosis, and others.

Others who are trapped, locked up, stuck in a non-existence, in a body that became “their jail”. Others, who have been deprived of a future.

This is a tale about a bunch of comrades, mainly women, who decided that direct action wasn’t solely a thing for guys who like camo clothing, and feeling part of a self proclaimed elite.

This is the story of a collective, in red and black, that decided to show that the ones at the bottom, fight, and that all bodies, even the most messed up or the most destroyed ones are here to take part in a revolution.

We took those acts and made them viral, joyful and fun.
Even if a crowbar weighs twice as much for those who have to get rid of the coat of social order before taking action, nothing ever made us turn around.

Animals are no step stools to our feminism.

On that night, we were out for them, and most importantly, with them.

With animals drowning between walls of farms and slaughterhouses.
Forgotten by all, left to die in the machine, and whose calls for help remain ignored and unanswered.

The life of an animal is a life lived as a film negative.

An existence against itself.

“Bodies having to steal themselves if they want to survive”.
Maybe being part of a social minority makes us feel like acting harder, better, faster ?

We chose immediate impact, rather than stagnating in an abstract antispeciest scene full of empty words, far from animals.

It’s a fight that takes us right to their jails, to commit an escape.
All of a sudden, animals start flying above metal fences, breaking through obstacles, stopping the relentless murdering machine and finally, they can write their name in history. Always by breaking into it, and always through the big front door.

There, where the “undercover camera” that shows us the most cruel acts taking place in the slaughterhouse, does nothing else but reminding us of the desubjectification in wich animals getting killed and workers turned executioners are being placed.

In this very location, a slaughterhouse, direct action allows us to invent another end for animals.

To interrupt the way things would go.

It throws us in a powerful and emotional dimension, because there’s a direct connection between one’s body and their political power.
To those we left behind.

‘To girls who’s eye liner looks better than the future.'”


3rd May, Argentina.

via: @anarcoveganismo.arg

ENGLISH (translation):

“Driving I saw chickens in cages and I didn’t hesitate to try and rescue them. Unfortunately I couldn’t save them all. The cages were tiny and full of weeks old manure.

There were people in the house, the light was on and a pick up truck was parked by the door, but I still wanted to try to rescue them.

There were holes in the run where I could stick my hand in, but obviously they were scared so I went to buy corn to call them with it. As soon as they saw it, they were desperate for it. The first one I got I gave corn slowly until she popped her head out of the hole, I grabbed her and pulled her out, running into the car and then driving home. Once I had left her in my house I went back and grabbed another two the same way. In total there are two chickens and a cockerel.

NEVER doubt helping an animal, they can’t do anything, they are victims of a system that sees them as objects of consumption for humans.

It was clear those animals were being used for profit, in that area they buy and sell birds to use in religious rituals or to consume as flesh. From the ALF, we value every life that is saved by direct action, it doesn’t matter if it is just one. One life will be free. Veganism is respect and justice.”

SPANISH (original):

”Pasando con el auto ví a gallinas enjauladas y no dude en bajar a intentar rescatarlas, lamentablemente no pude salvar a todas
Las jaulas son diminutas, están llenas de excremento de hace semanas sin limpiar.

Había gente en la casa, estaba la luz prendida y una camioneta en la puerta pero iba a intentar rescatarlas de todas formas.
había algún que otro hueco por dónde meter la mano, lógicamente tenían miedo así que fui a comprar maíz para atraerlas, apenas vieron el maíz todas se desesperaron, a la primera que tome, fue dándole maíz y esperando que sacará el cuello para afuera de la casa, la agarre, la tape con un buzo oscuro y salí corriendo al auto. Luego de dejarla en mi casa, volví a ir y agarré dos más de la misma manera. Son 2 gallinas y un gallo .

NUNCA duden en ayudar a un animal, ellos no pueden hacer nada, son víctimas de un sistema que los ve como objetos de consumo humano.

Era claro que estos animales eran comercializados,en la zona compran mucho para utilizarlos en rituales religiosos o para consumo humano. Desde el ALF, valoramos cada vida que se salve mediante alguna acción directa. Así sea una,son sus vidas. Una vida que vivirá en libertad. Veganismo es respeto y justicia”


19th April, Germany.

According to local media, the police are investigating an attempted robbery after an unknown person tried to steal a hunter’s weapon.

Cops say an unknown perpetrator attempted to snatch the rifle of a hunter commissioned by the town to hunt rabbits in the cementery on Firdaty 19th April. This led to a scuffle between the saboteur and the hunter. In the end, the saboteur managed to steal the amunition and left the area.

Apparently, the hunter was approached by an unknown person and was asked what they were doing in the cementery grounds. When the hunter explained that he had permission to murder rabbits, the saboteur decided to atempt to take the weapon away. The hunter assumes it was an opponent of hunting.

So far, the cops have no leads on the identity of the saboteur.