30th March, North of Italy

Received anonymously via email:

“second action against Coldiretti

responsible for policies to increase hunting activity, the consumption of animal products and the opposition to the transition to plant food, which with the support of the right-wing government is increasing its oppressive power over non-human animals.

These actions want to bring attention to the fact that the oppressors are ramified in society at multiple levels, but they are also places and natural persons who physically exercise their power every day in our cities, towns, streets, and who must be hit by returning to direct action as a fundamental practice of the antispeciesist fight”


Mel Broughton has been locked up in prison for months now awaiting court. He would love to hear from you, so writing a short letter would be fantastic.

Two years ago, we published a short video where Mel explained how important it is to receive letters in prison. Today, you can again watch that video and use it as a call to action to write to Mel.

Make him part of the outside world, he loves nature, plants, animals and fungi, so there is much to talk about!

Someone from his support team told us quite a cute story about him. Mel Broughton is as grassroots as anyone can be. He might jump into campaigning and fight corporations, but he also works to rehabilitate wildlife on a regular basis.

Once, a crow became a bit too tame. One of their favourite pastimes was perching on Mel’s ankles and untying his shoelaces. The crow really enjoyed being an amusing pain in the ass. One time, whilst Mel was away, the crow found that grabbing one side of the toilet roll and flying around the house would let them redecorate the whole flat! Imagine the clean-up afterwards!

This is something we have heard second-hand, but we can promise you that Mel is full of great stories. Reach out and ask him how he is doing, bring him a little bit of the outside world with your words and show solidarity.

Mel does not want to discuss his case publicly, so please don’t do so, and do not write anything illegal. Assume that all letters sent to Mel are being monitored.

To write to Mel, please address the letters to:

Mel Broughton A3892AE

HMP Peterborough

Saville Rd



United Kingdom

His support team has sent us a short list of books that Mel would like to receive so we will purchase them for him. This means that instead of receiving random books from many different folks, he can get exactly what he’d like to read. Please consider dropping a few coins to help with the costs. You can donate over PayPal, but remember to do it via friends and family and add a note reading “Mel’s Books”

Paypal address: unoffensive_animal (at)



Submitting hit reports is one of Unoffensive Animal’s cornerstones. We believe that those taking direct action and wishing to share their actions with the public should do so anonymously and safely.

We have created a page on our website where folks can simply introduce their text and click on “encrypt and submit”, but to use this feature, people need to think of their own anonymity. Using the TOR Browser *should* keep the sender more anonymous.

Another important aspect to think about is to avoid giving personal information in the report. Understand that we are not going to edit reports, and they will simply be copied and published, so do not tell us who you are or how old you are or what your address is. We don’t care, we don’t want to know and you should not put us in a position where we need to lie to protect the anonymity of activists.

In terms of media, photos and videos are very useful for a hit report. You must take care to clean the media before sending it. This is twofold. Firstly, ensure that the footage does not have identifiers. If it shows a tattoo or identifiable clothing or even background that could be used to prosecute you, you need to sort that out. Secondly, you need to remove metadata from the media before sending it. This is very easy. Simply use one of the tools recommended here:

Once you’ve checked it over, upload that media to any bullshit data transfer service (like and copy the link, you can paste it with your text before sending.

If you do not wish to use the website feature, you are very welcome to send an email to unoffensivereports (at) protonmail(dot)com but please use common sense. Use a throwaway email address from a spam address like an anonymouse email. Creating a “report-specific” email address is NOT good enough. You shouldn’t use the same email address twice to send reports.

You can find detailed information on how to contact us here:



Photo: Russian ALF liberating foxes, 2005.