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PRAXIS approached us as they are organising a mass action/campaign against bullfighting in Colombia. Alongside other folks, the team is producing stencils, posters and big graffiti pieces to raise awareness about the cruel “tradition” of bullfighting.

That requires a fuck load of money (because arty shit ain’t cheap) so we decided to work something out. They have designed a serious little something (the one you see on the pictures!) and we have made prints out of it. They are 30×30 cm and the price is a donation of 10 quid or more.

The design is printed in very fancy and nice card paper that feels super nice and you probably shouldn’t spend too much time touching it anyway because it is a print. Get a nice frame for it. Hang it in the toilet so you can look at it whilst you poop.

All profits made through those prints will go to Praxis’ project. And here is the catch, there are only 50 prints. So yeah, fucking exclusive stuff.

Grab yourself one so you can look at something different on your wall whilst doing nothing in isolation.

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